BrotherhooD guild of MartialHeroes.
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 Guide lines for posting.

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PostSubject: Guide lines for posting.   Fri Apr 18, 2008 3:58 pm

The following requirments have to be met in order to be able to join the BrotherhooD

- Have a mature attitude and a sense of humour
- Be active (we all have a RL so understand its not always possible)
- Be lvl 80+
- Respect your fellow brothers and sisters
- Speak English in guild chat
- Remember its a game and not take it too seriously!

No long list of rules, just don't be a naughty boy/girl or Worni will be forced to punish you .

What we would like to know about u:

-Ingame name
-previous guilds and why u left them
-why u wanne join us
-other information you wish to give about yourself we might find intresting.

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Guide lines for posting.
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